Volantesium is a block that is able to fly in the air.
It was implented in Version X.1.3. Is main purpose is to make players to be able to fly longer distances faster.


The Volantesium Block is crafted like as the following photo:

Ingredients Photo

3 Gold Ingots, 5 Bricks,

1 Feather



  • First,place the Volantesium
  • Then, sit on it.
  • Use WASD to navigate, SPACE to gain and SHIFT to lose height.
  • Now fly high into the skies!

Version HistoryEdit




+ Volantesium Added

X.1.4 + Fatal Collision Bug fixed in which colliding with Obsidian resulted into a game crash
X1w53a ~ Added Abillity to be enchanted so it flies faster.


  • In Version X.1.3, colliding with Obsidian resulted into a game crash.
  • Enchanting the Block to Fly IV results in to game crash when colliding with any block results into game crash. Xotch said that this bug will be fixed in the Version X.1.6.

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