Minecraft Boss Idea- Pickslam



Attack strength



Abandoned Diamond Mine


Robot Creator



The Pickslam is the Minecraft Overworld boss. It resembles a large robot with floating parts and arms shaped like pickaxes. It naturally spawns in the rare Abandoned Diamond Mines.


As stated before, it resembles a large robot with floating parts and arms shaped like pickaxes. It actually appears to be larger than the Ender Dragon. It's red parts glow, allowing one to see it in total darkness.


When you enter the room with the Pickslam in it, a red health bar will appear on the top of the screen. It is best to have diamond armour on before entering battle. The only way to damage it is to shoot an arrow at its chest. It will attack you with a red laser, pickaxe swipes(which can destroy blocks), and dropping lava. In the room, there are ten Redstone Generators, which will heal the Pickslam. You will have to destroy all of the Redstone Generators to be able to damage the Pickslam. Once it is defeated, the Pickslam will explode, and drop 10,000 experience points. It will also drop a so called Robot Creator, which can allow you to make robots.


  • The Pickslam is actually weaker than the Ender Dragon.

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